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We Deliver to Manitoba

Birkby Food Service Ltd. has a small, but continuously growing, presence in Manitoba. Currently our drivers frequent Winnipeg and surrounding area, but Birkby is always looking to grow and expand to cover all of Manitoba. The infrastructure is already set up to deliver food-related goods all over the province. From frozen and refrigerated products to consumer packaged goods, Birkby Food Services is the perfect delivery service.

Made up of four major physiographic regions, the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Precambrian Uplands, Lake Agassiz Lowland, and Western Upland, Manitoba's surface has been shaped by many physical forces. It provides a passageway for the Red, Assiniboine, Saskatchewan, Nelson, and Churchill Rivers.

The Agassiz Lowland is primarily covered by Lake Winnipeg, Lake Winnipegosis, and Lake Manitoba. They are the remains of the Lake Agassiz, which occupied south-central Manitoba during the last ice age.

Plateaus have been carved out of the southwestern part of the province, or Western Uplands, by the Assiniboine, Valley and Swan rivers. This area provides Manitoba with the most cultivable lands.

The Precambrian Upland is made up of hard granite and other crystalline rocks. Its inhospitable to any forms of agricultures but is great for hydroelectric power, freshwater fishing, metal mines and a little forestry.

The Hudson Bay Lowlands are very cold and covered in flat sedimentary rock. There are very few settlement and even less development exists, other that Churchill, which is Manitoba's only saltwater port.

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