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We Deliver to Alberta

Birkby Food Service Ltd. has the ability and infrastructure to deliver all over western Canada. Based in Calgary, our presence is largest in Alberta. As far south as Cardston to as far north as High River, Birkby has the capability to deliver consumer packages products, frozen or refrigerated products, or special and oversized products, like ice, anywhere it needs to be.

Alberta is Canada's westernmost prairie province. It shares many physical features with the surrounding provinces. The prairie region covers most of southern Alberta. Here, it is relatively dry and treeless. The gently rolling grasslands are broken up with deep river valleys and up to 1460-meter-high hills. Central Alberta is considered the parkland region. This region forms a crescent to the west and north of the prairie region. Instead of the rivers and hills, this area is full of lakes and depressions. There are treed areas and grassy terrain, and has soil and climatic factors that are favourable to the agricultural sector. Northern Alberta is covered by the boreal forest. Great rivers and lakes dominate the area, draining into the Arctic Ocean. To the west and all along the southern part of Alberta, where it shares a border with British Columbia, the foothill ridges rise to the Rocky Mountains. Some peaks rising to over 3600-meters.

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